Samoa safe for travellers and holiday visitors

Source: Samoa Tourism Authority



APIA, SAMOA – 15 DECEMBER 2019: As the Christmas and New Year holiday is just around the corner, travellers and visitors are ensured that Samoa is safe to travel and still open for business.

The Samoan Government has confirmed that travellers to Samoa do not need to produce certification of vaccination upon arrival when visiting. However, all are still encouraged to update their vaccination statuses with their healthcare providers before travelling.

The Government has carried out its role in containing the epidemic and continues to do so, with the recorded number of measles cases slowing down, following a united effort from all Government agencies in implementing the recent nation-wide vaccination campaign last week.

The local Tourism Industry has also done its part, with 100% vaccination of all its members and staff for their safety and guests, and is providing great deals for visitors as put forth by the President of the Samoa Hotels Association, Tupa’i Saleimoa Vaai.

“Following our efforts in ensuring the safety of our guests, the Industry is putting out great sales and special deals at the moment, to encourage overseas visitors and cheer up our people hoping to have a positive note towards the end of the year,” said Tupa’i.

Industry members have also been on standby for necessary travel or general arrangements for their respective guests over the past weeks.

The Samoa Tourism Authority prioritised assisting Health Officials, as well as the safety of visitors to the country while continually advising overseas markets accordingly. Though tourism numbers and incomes have been reduced due to the measles epidemic, the Authority continues to push through.

“Samoa is safe for travel and we encourage travellers to holiday in our beautiful shores as there’s a lot our people are offering in this holiday season,” said the Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Tourism Authority, Faamatuainu Lenata’i Suifua.

“We also encourage relatives and friends overseas to pay their families a visit and especially during this time of hardship for everyone.”