Samoa Suspends Pork Imports from China

The suspension of pork imports from China also removes from sale any pork products from countries affected by the African Swine Fever (ASF).


Source: MAF


APIA, SAMOA – 27 MARCH 2020: The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has suspended the importation of all pork products from the People’s Republic of China and any other country listed as having the presence of African Swine Fever (ASF).

The Ministry said ASF is a highly contagious and often fatal disease of pigs of all ages. There are no approved vaccines against ASF and the suspension is to protect against any risks to Samoa’s Biosecurity.

The suspension means:

  1. Varying any permit issued prior to this Notice which allowed importation of pork and/or pork products is now varied to comply with this Notice pursuant to section 12(4) of the Quarantine (Biosecurity) Act 2005;
  2. Any importation of Pork and/or pork products from ASF affected countries will not be authorised entry into Samoa;
  3. Any pork and/or pork products which have been imported from ASF affected countries and which are currently being sold in stores must be immediately removed from sale until further notice is issued by the Ministry;
  4. All expenses associated with the Re-shipment or Destruction of the consignment will be borne solely by the importer; and
  5. Any breach of the conditions of importation and sale will be in contravention of the Quarantine (Biosecurity) Act 2005 and the Ministry may exercise its legal rights to enforce compliance.

Non-compliance will result in 100% seizure of regulated articles by the Ministry may result in charges being laid under the Quarantine (Biosecurity) Act 2005.

The Ministry of Agriculture and fisheries will be taking samples of pork products being imported to test for the presence of ASF. You will be informed of the test results in due course.