Samoa to Allocate Street Names, Business and Family Addresses

An aerial view of part of Apia town that is currently very difficult to locate individual families and businesses without proper registered addresses


By Moena Jr Folasa


APIA, SAMOA – 20 JANUARY 2020: Samoa is moving to name roads, streets, avenues and allocate addresses for each family, business and institution so that services and information can be made available in real time.

The Street Naming/Address Allocation Project will be launched this Friday starting at the main Apia business centre going to the Mulinu’u peninsula and eastwards towards Vaisigano.

A Taskforce comprising 12 government ministries has been working on the 20 year project to be completed by 2040.

“Samoa has moved away from a developed nation to a semi-developed nation due to its many developments,” said the information paper on the project.

“This is why it is important for Samoa to allocate not only street names but addresses to residence as it supports and correlates with many developments, services that can be offered by government.”

CEO of the Ministry of the Prime Minister, Agafili Shem said “Finding the right address in any country is becoming more significant given the mobility of services, pinpointing the right destination in a timely manner is an important element in saving a life or protecting a life.

“The biggest challenge is the inability to find an address for a residence, business or a service provider,” said Agafili.

Four of the CEOS of the 12 Government Ministries that make up The Street Naming/Address Allocation Project Task Force

A proper registry of streets and residences addresses and unambiguous street and residence addresses will enormously help locate a destination in real time.

They are highly essential for Geographical Information System (GIS) required for current and future urban planning, infrastructural development, mapping surveillance, undertaking of national census, conducting of general elections, faster and responsive disaster relief operations and emergency responses when disasters strike.

Further, technology through the Global Positioning System (GPS) has made it so easy and convenient for global citizens to identify their destinations.

This would be ideal for tourists holidaying in Samoa to find their way around Samoa using GBS. This will greatly assist Samoa as the government aspires to tailor made its developments for the next 20 years to achieve its 2040 vision.

The Taskforce for Street and Residence Addresses (TASRA) include:

  1. Ministry of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  2. Ministry of Finance
  3. Ministry of Works, Transport and Infrastructure
  4. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  5. Office of the Attorney General
  6. Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development
  7. Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
  8. Land Transport Authority
  9. Office of the Electoral Commissioner
  10. Samoa Bureau of Statistics
  11. Samoa Water Authority
  12. Electric Power Corporation