Samoa to Host World Nines in October 2020

Press Release

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Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi with World Nines officials after signing MoU for Samoa to host World Nines – Playing for the Confederation Cup (WNCC) in 2020


Samoa is to host the inaugural World Nines – Playing for the Confederation Cup (WNCC) in October 2020, in collaboration with the Government of Samoa and sanctioned by the International Rugby League (IRL). The preliminary dates are 22/23/24 October.

The IRL has commended Sport Strategic Group for their initiative to deliver the World Nines – Playing for the Confederation Cup (WNCC).  The Sport Strategic Group is led by former player, coach and administrator Paul Broughton OAM.  This initiative has been recognised as a significant contributor to the global development of rugby league.  It is a very welcome key event on the official IRL global calendar of events going forward.

The aim of WNCC event is to feature rugby league talent – both men and women, and the exciting debut of new ‘powerhouse’ nations participating in the WNCC, including the Peoples Republic of China and India, and others.

The WNCC event will complement the ongoing rugby league global calendar.  Player eligibility has only one restriction…and that is that any athlete male or female, who had or has a contractual agreement with any club in the NRL or Super League, is ineligible for WNCC.  All rules relating to the conducting of the event are governed by the international laws and those relating to the conducting of a nines format rugby league which continues to grow.  It is an event for those nations that do not necessarily have an abundance of rugby league specific athletes, coupled with its attraction and introduction to the game of rugby league for many non-traditional rugby league playing nations.

The WNCC for both men and women is an opportunity for every facet of the game of rugby league to present itself to all those who have aspirations to further their position in the industry globally.  The event is also open for volunteers, coaches, referees, game officials, operational managers, media, assisting coaches at any level on the world stage.

World Nines – Playing for the Confederation Cup in Samoa 2020 will be a catalyst for the game of rugby league to expand in every way for global recognition and further growth of the sport.