“Serving the Government was very Rewarding” – Ulu Bismarck Crawley

Doing the honours of the Taualuga – the final dance to a long serving CEO and public servant, Ulu Bismarck Crawley as he was farewelled by MNRE Staff yesterday.

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA, SAMOA – 22 OCTOBER 2020:  The outgoing Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ulu Bismarck Crawley was farewell by the Ministry yesterday.

Ulu, like all other public servants who are competing as candidates in next year’s general election, need to resign from their jobs by this Friday, 23 October 2020.

Ulu who had two terms as CEO one of the Governments biggest ministries, had no complaints but said his time serving the Government through the ministry was very rewarding.

“It is a big ministry with 15 Assistant Chief Executive Officers and it was a rewarding experience serving with very good staff,” he said.

“A CEO basically co-ordinates professionals because the staff are a team of professionals and all the CEO does is guide and coordinate the work and it was a blessing working with them.”

Ulu is also the Chairman of the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC), a post he will also leave as he pursues a political career.

He chaired NEOC during last years’ measles epidemic and the current Covid-19 pandemic and his work and contribution in coordinating the work of the Emergency Centre had been publicly acknowledged.

Ulu with some of his staff during the farewell ceremony yesterday at the TATTE Building.

Ulu’s resignation is effective immediately but will not leave office until the end of the week.

His immediate plan is to spend most of his time in the village and focusing on the upcoming election.

It will be Ulu’s second attempt for the Faleata No.4. parliamentary seat.

For the future, Ulu said he has a lot of work to attend to, and will continue to provide assistance if needed by the ministry especially this time of the year as Samoa prepares for the cyclone season.

“In his career, he served the Meteorology Division through some devastating cyclones such as Ofa in 1990 and Valelia in 1991 and he is offering his assistance at this crucial time as the Head of the Samoa Meteorology Division has resigned on health issues.”

At 57 years old, Ulu believes he is still in his prime and despite his love for his work, “it is time to move on to serve the country from another area.”

He had served his professional career at the international level until he was challenged to follow his ancestors’ footsteps in politics to serve the people of Samoa.

“I will miss the work, but it’s time to move on,” he said.

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