Seuseu Dr. Joseph Edward Tauati heads SROS

Seuseu Dr. Joseph Edward Tauati reappointed to head SROS


Source: Government Press Secretariat


APIA, SAMOA – 14 FEBRUARY 2020: Cabinet has reappointed Seuseu Dr. Joseph Edward Tauati as the Chief Executive Officer of the Scientific Research Organization of Samoa (SROS).

SROS was set up 14 years ago to lead scientific researches and develop technologies that sustain and add value to local goods and services for export.

Dr. Tauati started tertiary education in Samoa studying Agriculture at the USP Alafua campus where he graduated with the Diploma in Tropical Agriculture and Bachelor in Agriculture degree.  He is an alumnus of Kochi University in Japan where he graduated with the Master’s Degree in Bio – Resources Science; and the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom where he was accorded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.  He has been a public servant for 13 years, usually in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and SROS, before he assumed the responsibility of leading SROS in the last three years.

SROS has achieved a number of milestones in the last three years under Dr. Tauati’s leadership as the CEO.  These included but not limited to the production of the first taro whiskey and rum, and biodegradable plastic bags. He has led the SROS’s research into a number of medicinal plants with potential to cure ailments, and has also continued to push for scientific research of herbal tea produced from leaves of local Samoan plants.  Dr. Tauati has been reappointed to continue SROS’s vision for a further three years.

Dr. Tauati is 41 years old and is married to Mrs. Nora Tauati and have two beautiful children.  He is the son of Robyn Tauati, and the late Reverend Levaula Tauati.