Special Travel Advice as air Travel open with American Samoa

APIA, SAMOA – 18 JUNE 2020: Air travel between Samoa and American Samoa commenced today to repatriate residents of both countries that have been stranded since the Covid-19 lockdown.

The Ministry of Health issued the following travel advisory and information sheet for travellers prior to their arrival in Samoa.

All passengers travelling from American Samoa must take precaution while in Samoa for the next 14 days from date of arrival. It is important that we work together to minimise the potential for COVID-19 entering Samoa.

Travellers from American Samoa.

  • All Travellers must have been residing in Am. Samoa for 14 consecutive days or more without history of travel outside of American Samoa
  • All are required to complete the Health Declaration Card in flight or on arrival
  • All are required to undergo medical examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner within (3) days before ARRIVAL.
  • A COVID19 Test is essential but NOT required for boarding.
  • All are required to present medical report for check-in and on arrival to health officers at port.
  • Any Passengers with Flu Like Illness or Fever of 38 deg. Celsius (100.4 Fahrenheit) will be denied boarding.
  • Failure to provide a valid medical report will be denied ok boarding or entry denied and returns to last port where you boarded the flight.
  • Returning passengers from American Samoa that met ALL conditions are NOT required to undergo the 14 days mandatory quarantine.

All Travellers Outside of American Samoa (e.g. Hawaii, USA mainland, Asia, etc.) must reside in American Samoa for 28 days or more before onward ravel to Samoa.


We endeavour to keep Samoa COVID-19-Free. Your compliance with the conditions listed herein are
imperative to ensuring the safety of all who are travelling and our people in Samoa.

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