Unite as a team & glory will follow, Head of State to Manu Samoa Sevens

The Manu Samoa Sevens Team with the Head State this morning

By Lagi Keresoma

APIA: FRIDAY 01 MAY 2015: For a team to win in any sport, they need to stand united and steadfast to conquer all challenges that comes their way, and together they welcome the glory of their efforts.

These were the parting words of His Highness Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi when he bid farewell to the country’s national team, Manu Samoa Sevens who will leave Sunday to participate in the last two legs of the International Rugby Board Sevens tournament in Scotland and England.

“I have traveled with the Manu Samoa before when I was very much involved in rugby and I know how hard it is for a team to remain as a team when it comes to selecting the players,” said His Highness.

His advice to the team and management is to use “obedience and unity” as the focal point of their trip.

The combination of these two components will provide a winning formula for any team, said His Highness.

“Some of the challenges and temptations faced by teams when on tour is not being selected to play,” said His Highness.

Feelings of disappointment or anger against the coach, manager and sometimes against the selected players will drag the team’s effort down.

“If not selected, render support and encouragement to the selected players,” said His Highness.

He encouraged senior and long serving players to support the new players and not to be judgmental.

He also emphasized the importance for players to listen and obey instructions from the coach and management.

“Whether it’s right or wrong, listen and obey,” said His Highness.

He also emphasized the important role of the whole country staying up late at night to watch them play on foreign lands.

“It was very encouraging to see you against NZ in the last leg, where you went down by one point,” said His Highness.

“That is the kind of feeling Samoa wants to experience again, and as a team, you can excel above other teams. You are ambassadors for Samoa.”

After the brief ceremony at His Highness residence at Tuaefu, the team was farewelled by the Government at another ceremony at the Samoa Rugby Union headquarters at Tuana’imato.

The SRU President Tuiloma Pule Lameko reminded the team of its past history and record and encouraged them to take the team back to those glorious days.

“If you did it before, why can’t you do it again,” said Tuiloma.

Also strong in his encouragement was Reverend KFTuuau who led the service.

“It is about time to lift yourselves up, wake up and take the team to the next level,” said Tu’u’au.

The team has recruited three new caps, Belgium Tuatagaloa who plays for Moata’a,   Fetufou Setu from Sa’asa’ai club and Tomasi Alefosio.

Jay Saena who travelled with the team before as a reserve will have a chance to showcase his skill in this tour.

The Team                Village          Club                Union
Lafaele Vaa                 Sataoa            Vailele                Apia
Falemiga Selesele      Satupaitea     Moataa              Apia
Greg Lealofi                Sinamoga      Wainuiomata   Wellington
Fetufou Setu               Saasaai           Saasaai              Amoa
Belgium Tuatagaloa  Samatau        Moataa              Apia
Alatasi Tupou             Vaipuna         Vaiala                Apia
Lolo Lui                       Moataa           Moataa              Apia
Tila Mealoi                  Lalomanu      Tepatasi            Aleipata
Tomasi Alefosio         Levi                 Manawatu        Tuamasaga
Tim. N. Williams       Falelatai         Chiefs                Waikato
Samoa Toloa               Mulifanua     Vailele                Apia
Jay Saena                    Moataa           Moataa              Apia

Alefosio Tapili, Afa Aiono, Etiuefa Fiavaai, Fale Iosefo and Laaloi Leilua.
Fuimaono Titimaea Tafua (Coach) Galumalemana Rudolf Moors (Manager) Mathew Amituanai (Physio).