Vaisigano Bridge construction on target for June 2020 opening

Nah Folasa

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Photos of the Vaisigano Bridge construction progress were taken during a media tour of the project yesterday, arranged by the JICA office in Apia.


Photos by Moenā Folasā


APIA, SAMOA – 14 FEBRUARY 2020: The Vaisigano Bridge, Samoa’s major economic link between its main seaport at Matautu-tai and the rest of Upolu island is on target for opening this coming June.

The Bridge project costs $43million talā and funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Construction commenced in April 2018 and to be completed in 26 months.

The Land Transport Authority is the implementing agency working with the Japanese firm Central Consultant and Konoike Construction Ltd.

The old and new bridges that link the island and its business center to its main seaport a few meters down from the bridge

The project replaces the old Vaisigano Bridge with a new bridge to ensure that the main transportation artery into Apia remains operable.

The new bridge will allow large tucks to pass and improve the traffic flow.

Looking from the seaward side

The Samoan Government’s contribution include:

  • Lease of contractors temporary yard;
  • Relocating of affected utilities;
  • Obtaining relevant permits;
  • Provide support for exemption of import and duty taxes;
  • Maintenance works.

“As of Jan 2020, about 80% of the construction activities have been completed and it is envisaged that 85% will be completed by the end of February,” according to CEO of the Land Transport Authority.

Temporary road closure started January 2020 for road construction but the overall the project is making great progress and is on schedule to finish on time.

The bridge has been shifted a few meters seaward side