Wilex Samoa Noni Loa Pouches  – Empowers Women & Children Nonu Farmers  

Wilex Samoa Noni Loa Pouches  media launch on Friday 13 December


Source: Wilex Samoa


APIA, SAMOA – 15 DECEMBER 2019: Wilex Samoa has just launched its range of Noni Loa Fermented Juice blended with Samoa’s tropical ingredients and fruits. The product range were produced using its newly commissioned Pouch Filling Line, packing 100% product of Samoa export orders.

The Noni Loa Launch on Friday 13 December, was dedicated to the Nonu Farmer Women and Children of Samoa who partner with Wilex Samoa to grow, harvest and sell their matured nonu fruits to the company.

Managing Director, Tagaloa Eddie Wilson said Wilex Samoa is committed to continuously buy nonu fruits from the women and children nonu farmers which will empower and improve the economic well being of the women and mothers of Samoa to better cater for education, noruishment and health care of their children.

The launch of the Noni Loa tropical fruit blends is also a historic event and a humble milestone for Wilex Samoa and its Samoan farmers according to Operations Manager, Nathan Wilson.

The range of Noni Fruit Juice is packed in pouches aimed at Export markets blended with various tropical ingredients from the plantations of Samoa such as Honey, Soursop, Mango, Banana and Pineapple. Noni Loa will also be blended and pouched for other international markets with Kiwi Frui and Blueberry.

Wilex pouches filling line

Noni Loa pouches filling line

“The product is packed for convenience for consumers to take daily doses with ease of taste aided by the various trpical fruits used to blend the noni juice. The Noni Juice is produced using the latest technology in wine making, a first of its kind in the world,” according to Tagaloa.

He aslo said that export orders for the Noni Loa pouches and various flavours are being prepared for markets such as Fiji, China, Korea, Hawaii and the USA.

In October 2019, Wilex Samoa signed a contract with the China National Township Enterprises Co Limited, representing sole agent Feiji (Shanghai) International Trade Co Limited  to supply its full range of Noni Loa products such as Bottled Noni Juice, Noni Loa Pouches, Noni Loa Chocolates and Noni Loa body care products.

Some of Wilex Samoa’s product range

The Managing Director of Feiji International told CCTV during the contract signing that he is very excited about promoting Samoa as well as its Noni Loa products in China starting 2020.

According to the Wilex Samoa Managing Director, Tagaloa Eddie Wilson, the world market for bulk fruit noni juice has dropped and replaced by demand for Noni Juice in retail packs such as pouches, glass and PET Bottles.